War Dragons Hack

February 14, 2017 - Mobile Game Hacks
War Dragons Hack

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In this article you will found enought information about the game and the hack. Thus, after you finish reading it you will know how to play it. And how to have enough gold and rubies.

War Dragons- Features

War Dragons is a very special game for every dragon-fan, because has everything you could wish for in a magical realm. It brings to life a real amazing 3D world, where you reign over a huge kingdom which is defended by mythical flying beasts.

In the game, you dozens of different kinds of dragons whom you need to use in order to fight in battles. To be more precise, you have 100 different dragons. Each dragon has a unique set of spells and powers. Those are: hunter, warrios and the sorcerer classes. Those classes are needed in order to customize the army.

war dragons hack

As most of the dragon-games, you have the power to bred and train your dragons. Your duty is to create the most powerful team and to protect and also to expand the kingdoms.

Apart from your kingdom, you have an island fortress too. You can customize it with many lighting towers, awesome ballistas to open up various strategic defense possibilities.

Players engage in dragon warfare by building guilds with friends, defending their kingdoms and destroying their enemies’ bases in both PvP and team-based real-time multiplayer.

War Dragons-  About the game

War Dragons is a real time strategy game that can be played by fans of all ages. The 3D visuals introduces you in a magical land where you have multiple options in order to have the impression that every thing is real. You are in control of various of destructive dragons. They are using a combination of fire and another magical spells and you have to train them to unleash their fury upon your enemies.

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Besides training and fighting with your dragons, you can do lots of other stuff too. You must build towers and defend your kindom by your enemies. Therefore, you have to attack your enemies too! That’s why is very important to have a proper army. You must be aware all the time that you can be attacked.

In this game, you can create your legendary guild and compete against other ones in an adrenaline-fueled battle and tournaments! You can play with your friends or with people around the world. The sky is the limit!

War Dragons Hack – How to use it

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Hope this was helpfull for you and enjoy!

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