Simcity Buildit hacks

January 28, 2017 - PC Game Hacks
Simcity Buildit hacks

Simcity Buildit hacks- let’s see how you can go bigger!

Simcity Buildit hacks are now available and you have everything you need to make your cities even grater!

When you look back when you were a child, what did you want to become? And what are you now? I don’t know many people that have become what they wished back in the days, but somehow those who managed to do that are more happier.  But let’s get back to the article.

Ever wanted to be a Mayor? To manage your own city? To be the boss of everything and everyone? Or maybe you wanted to be a builder? To build your own city? I think that both sounds good. So let’s put it this way.

What if I tell you that is actually a possibility to be a mayor and a builder in a the same time? You don’t believe me? Check out Simcity Buildit hacks!

simcity buildit hacks


Simcity Buildit is an awesome game that gives you the opportunity to have your own town! It’s a spin-off game from the SimCity and it was released by Electronic Arts. And, as you already know, it’s available only on iOS and Android.

Just so you know, for Android it was soft-launched in Canada on October 22 2014. For iOS, it was launched on October 24 in Canada, but also in New Zealand. For the rest of the world the game was released on December 16 and now is one of the most played games in the world.

Simcity Buildit hacks- why do you need it

I would like to talk about the features of the game and for what will you be needing a Simcity Buildit hack for. First of all, the game gives you the opportunity to build your own unique city and to bring it to life in your way! Remember what I told you at the beginning of the article? You can do whatever you want to your city!

When I say whatever you want, I also include disasters. You are able to unleash both natural and “not so natural” disasters in your city. That’s how you learn to manage random problems that may occur. Also, in order to keep your citizens happy, you have the power to balance the City Services. What that means? Well, you can manage everything that relates with services, including power and entertainment.

simcity buildit hacks

Another interesting and fun feature is that you can play with your friends too. But if you’re more like an introvert, you can play alone with no problem. If you do, you can befriend even another cities. You can talk with your friends and create certain goods that you may need, even trade goods. Trading goods will help you a lot, especially if you run out of cash and trading them with your friends can be pretty nice.

simcity buildit hacks

Simcity Buildit– Gameplay

Beside all the awesome challenges that you have to complete in order to make your city grater and more beautiful, you can choose how you want to play the game. And when I say how to play the game I mean that now you can customize your pretty city both online and offline. So if you don’t have internet access, no worries!

While you’re managing the city you can rotate 360 degrees, to see if everything it’s alright or simply to actually see it from every angles. If there is something suspicious you can also zoom and check it our and also pinch!

Specialize your city now and win fresh rewards daily with your Simcity Buildit hacks that are available!

Get now you Simcity Buildit hacks!

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