Nioh hack & cheats

January 27, 2017 - Consoles
Nioh hack & cheats

Nioh hack & cheats

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Nioh hack & cheats

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Nioh hack & cheats

About Nioh

Nioh, an upcoming action role playing videogame created by Japanese guy from Team Ninja, it is made to work only on PlayStation 4. It is set to be release in February 2017. In Japan the publisher will be Koei Tecmo, and international publisher will be Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Nioh will take place back in 1600, in a version of Sengoku period, with Japan being in a civil war due to Tokugawa shogunate ascension. William, a sailor which hunts a cruel enemy arrives in Japan. He will be in charge by a man of Tokugawa Ieyasu of defeating yokai.

Nioh hack & cheats

The development team started this game since 2004, and at first it was a multimedia project based on a script left unfinished, called Akira Kurosawa. Since then, they made numerous revisions over the course of eight years. The producer, Kou Shibusawa was never satisfied with the result. Then Team Ninja received the project, and the following development process took them another four years.

The main story is around the life of William Adams, a historic samurai with supernatural powers. Although it was announced since 2004, the rumors precipitated until 2015, when was reinvented as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, with a gameplay similar to Dark Souls.

This year was released two versions of demos, Alpha and also beta, just because they need to gauge public reaction and, of course, to be able to make adjustments based on feedback. The game was programed to be released at the end of 2016, but due to feedback it was postponed to 2017.

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The player will guide Nioh through his missions fighting human enemies and not only. Among these enemies are they so called yokai, supernatural beings who try to ruin the Japan. Mission will be picked from a menu and there will be more self-contained.

When the player scatters a shrine, there will be a checkpoint and the game will save automatically. A shrine scattered will restore health and raise your level, but it also respawns all normal enemies from that area. All the points gathered in combat can be add to shrines.

Nioh hack & cheats

The combat features slash and hack attacks. William can switch between three different Stances. Low Stance allows quick attacks and better defense. High Stance can cause more damage, but it has lower defense, and Middle Stance balances these two Stances. When you defeat an enemy, he will drop loot.

Besides the normal enemies, there will be a couple stronger, like Revenants. They are ghosts of other dead players.

A great part is that the game features a co-op multiplayer mode which allows other players to join you in battles

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