MARVEL: Contest of Champions Hack

February 15, 2017 - Mobile Game Hacks
MARVEL: Contest of Champions Hack

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MARVEL: Contest of Champions Hack

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MARVEL:Contest of Champions – Additional details

The game MARVEL Contest of Champions was released in 2014, on December 10. It got on the limelight since the beginning and the players are consistently growing every month.

Kabam, the company that developed and published this well-known game, is pretty new in the game field. They were previously developing social applications with entertainment and sports communities.

MARVEL: Contest of Champions Hack


In the last couple of years, their purpose was to develop more “real games”. They’ve declared that they want to make games with “immersive gameplay mechanics akin to more traditional MMOs with an emphasis on the spending and gambling of virtual currency”.

The beauty of the game is that the action takes place in the MARVEL Universe. If you are familiar with the MARVEL movies, you will for sure love the game and all its features.

MARVEL:Contest of Champions – Gameplay& Game Features

As I said before, the action takes place in the MARVEL Universe. You are in the position of a Summoner and your duty is to build the greatest MARVEL team of heroes. After that, you have to pit one against each other.

For the MARVEL fans this is an awesome opportunity! If you are one of them, you should know that most of your favorites characters are available in the game.

You get to put Iron Man to fight against Captain America. Or maybe you like Deadpool more than Drax? You can make them fight against themselves, too! Hulk versus Wolverine as well! The game’s fighting arena is made in a spectacular way. It is designed in such way that you can observe the superheroe’s actions in 3D with a 2D plane.

MARVEL: Contest of Champions Hack

Each warrios has an unquie energy system which it recharges automatically over time, but you can also do it manually. In order to have better fighters you need to increase your level. The more you advance in your levels, the more energy and experience your heroes will have.

Your superheroes cannot have more than three unique special attacks and abilities. They also can have one signature ability.

MARVEL:Contest of Champions Hack

Despite the battles between characters, the game gives you certain quests which you have to complete. You can also battle against other players in the game’s “Versus” mode. Here, you can play in one-in-one matches, or in three-on three matches. But pay attention, because they have limited time arenas. So if you don’t feel prepared, you should train a little more.

MARVEL:Contest of Champions Hack

As we promised, now we are going to show you what you need to do to get more Gold and Crystals. We’ve developed an simple online hack that can help you reach the desired amount of resources.

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