Hacks for Game of War Fire Age

January 28, 2017 - Mobile Game Hacks
Hacks for Game of War Fire Age

Hacks for Game of War Fire Age

Hacks for Game of War Fire Age you want? You’re lucky! We have them.

We proudly present you our Hacks for Game of War Fire Age!

Now, with all this huge marketing campaign, it was expected to gain popularity Hacks for Game of War Fire Age. And this happened very fast. And you know what they are asking for now? Is asking for hacks. Lots of hacks.

Since the first week, our email box was bombarded with emails from players who want hacks. And we gave them those hacks!

Hacks for Game of War Fire Age

We developed hacks for Game of War Fire Age. A hack for stones. A hack for gold and a hack for silver.

Just so you know, in case you wonder how our hacks work:

They are online, which means they all work on our servers. You can’t think at viruses nor malware, because you will not be asked to save any files to your PC or any device you will use.

Neither detection was a problem for us, because we easily developed an anti-detection feature and this does the job pretty well. This way you will fly under the radar anytime. You will never be detected and you can’t get banned or be penalized using our hacks.

Further on, Game of War Fire Age hacks are running a few virus tests once in a while, because we want to be safe. We are testing them on PC antivirus, on iOS antivirus and Android antivirus. In case you wonder, we never find files infected in our system, but it’s more like a safety feature for us.

So, if you ever need a Game of War Fire Age hack for souls, this is waiting for you on our website. Or maybe your gold amount is low. Than you will need a hack for gold – here it is. Oh, you need silver? We have a Game of War Fire Age hack for silver.

Just be careful and use it wisely!

About Game of War – Fire Age

Game of War – Fire Age was released in 2013 and it’s a massive multiplayer strategy video game, which can also be played online. It was developed and also published by Machine Zone and it was a big success from the beginning. Maybe this is due to the huge advertising campaign, but the game is one of the top-grossing applications since 2014 until today. The game provides you several modes to play.

Hacks for Game of War Fire Age

Among those are the player versus player battles, a few player versus environment modes, like killing monsters or dungeons and a few building quests. Resources can be obtained by farming or through gathering. Then you have to build your own city and to create your own soldiers. When you’ve developed your army and your city is on the ground, you can select an action and wait the time for completion. You have also the option to speed up the process by making a payment.



The game is played by alliance. When you join an alliance you will get an emphasis from it. The alliances can gather up to 100 players and has kingdoms plotted on a isometric map that has a dimension of 512 x 1024. Each alliance has a team structure that holds the battles. A kingdom has to be active for a few months, then it emerges from a protected state and it begin to engage in kingdom versus kingdom combats.

The budget for marketing was over $40 million dollars. They filled up the social media pages and also the television commercials. Kate Upton was the star in the first commercials on the TV. She was put in the lead of the battles and they used her sex appeal. In 2015, Kate Upton was replaced by Mariah Carey.

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