Hacks for Clash Royale

January 28, 2017 - PC Game Hacks
Hacks for Clash Royale

Hacks for Clash Royale

Hacks & Cheats for Clash Royale

We proudly present you our Clash Royale Hacks!

Although this game is super fun and exciting and addictive, if you want to be one of the top players you have to choose if you will spend a lot of real money, or hacks. Our Hacks for Clash Royale are here for you, in case you don’t have any money, or you just don’t want to waste them.


In fact, the majority of players are using hacks for Clash Royale. In some cases, players who use hacks are ranked higher r than those who pay for gems or any other items. How frustrating this could be? Really frustrating.
So, with that in mind, we created those hacks for Clash Royale. We have a hack for gold, a hack for elixir, and a hack for gems. Anytime you run out of any resource, just use our hacks for Clash Royale.
These hacks are super safe and secure. You don’t need to worry, because they are all online!

Just use them wisely!


About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the coolest mobile strategy video game ever. It is developed and also published by Supercell, the same developer who made the well-known Clash of Clans. It was released for the first time in countries like Australia, Denmark, Canada or Sweden on January 4th 2016 for iOS. Then, on February 16, Clash Royale was released on Android too. It quickly became the most downloaded app and of course, top grossing, in United States at least.


At first, you will start in the Training Camp and you will be taught the basics of the game. After that, you will start a journey through 9 battle arenas.
Players of Clash Royale have to destroy everything around them in their way to the war. They have to win battles and for that, players have to destroy as many towers as they can. A battle is won when a player destroys more buildings than his opponent. Another way to win a battle is to destroy the opponent’s King’s Tower.

This way the player will get a three crown victory. When you start a game, you will get a hand of four cards from a deck of eight. These cards will be used in battles. To be able to play these cards, the player should possess elixir. Each player is put to fight in an arena which corresponds with their number of trophies won. The trophies are earned by winning a fight and implicitly lost by losing it. The player can level up by upgrading cards and donating – and this will also add some experience points.

Hacks for Clash Royale
What you need to know

Just like any free game to play, it has a lot of items, and of course, gems and gold in the card shop. Players have to spend real money to buy some of these. The Chests can be purchased with gold or with gems. Also, chests can be earned by winning battles. Those chests will open after a specified amount of time and you can rush things up with gems. Players are given free chests every four hours. Once in 24 hours, you get a chance to win a Crown Chest if you claim 10 crowns from victories. These type of chests are unlocked immediately.

clash royale hack
Players can join clans and they can fight friendly battles with another players of the clan. These victories or loses does not bring any trophies or any chests. You also can spectate a battle fought between players from your clan.
Later in July 2016, the Clash of Clans creators, Supercell, announced a new feature called Tournament, which you can join after you pass level 8. Anyone can join a Tournament, but if you want to create one, you need to spend a few gems in order to do that.

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