Battlefield 1 hack

January 28, 2017 - Consoles, PC Game Hacks
Battlefield 1 hack

Battlefield 1 hack

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Battlefield 1 hack

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About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1, a brilliant FPS video game is the fourteenth release from Battlefield series. It is developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 1 hack

Battlefield 1 presents the World War I, and it is the first game who approach this, since 1994, when we had Wings of Glory. The game will be release on October 21, 2016, on PC, Play Station 4 and XBOX One.


Like any other Battlefield, the teamwork is everything. The weapons are, of course, from that era. Among them we can use automatic or semi-automatic rifles, flamethrowers, bolt-action and mustard gas. Melee combam was redesigned and now it features sabres, shovels and trench clubs. There are two types of melee weapons, separated in two: light or heavy.

I guess the surprise and all the fun comes with the vehicles. There are armored trucks and battleships, but there are also biplane aircrafts and zeppelins. Furthermore, you can even ride a horse into a battle.

The environment is destructible and now it happens in a super dynamic way. The campaing it’s now way more comprehensive and large, and there any several options you have in order to complete missions and in approaching combat. An interesting point is that when in prologue, if you die, you will take control of another character instead of respawning from a checkpoint. You can be reborn as a flametrooper or a tank gunner or a rifleman. Another great part is that Battlefield 1 has a serious collection of war stories, just like an anthology.

The greater part, I guess is that the multiplayer mode can host up to 64 players, and new system will let players to join and leave a game server together. The rumors say that if you want to play without joining a team, it will be really hard. The action on multiplayer mode will take place on maps like the Western Front, the Alps and Arabia.

Battlefiend 1 hack will have nine maps and six modes: Domination, Rush, Conquest, Operations, Team, War Pigeons and Deathmatch.

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